Chef Sanjay Jaitly

Sanjay Jaitly

With 30+ years of diversified experience in the Food & Hospitality Industry, Sanjay Jaitly has proven himself to be one of the most esteemed Chefs / Consultants in the industry.

His dedication to procuring the best techniques, systems, and resources is what keeps him so highly sought after by hotels and restaurants all over the world. At the early age he started working in commercial kitchens. He studied in Hotel Management school in Klessheim, Salzburg, Austria, a elite school for hospitality business. He worked for many prestigious restaurants and hotel chains world- wide. The names like Novotel, Rosenberger Hotels, Taj Group of Hotels, Cunard, Sunset Tower in Los Angeles. His expertise to create and innovative food to his clients separate him from round the mill curry houses. Defining his passion towards food brings him among on top of taste full chefs list.

We all greatly appreciate your patronage to bring in your appetite to feel the difference.

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The Yantra Team.