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 Welcome to Yantra Kitchen

The Yantra Kitchen is a design poetry. The renowned Indian cuisine mesmerizes all your senses and satiating your taste buds with its sensuous exotic flavors. It has been designed to reflect the journey of spices from the Malabar Coast in Kerala all up to North India.


As a diverse nation, India showcases a variety of cooking styles in its varied regions. Bringing together this delicious taste to Artesia. Yantra has a mannerly crafted menu to reflect the culinary brilliance of Indian cuisine. The passion has crafted some of the most innovated flavors.


The cuisine cleverly balances innovation and immense respect to the history of Indian cooking and its heritage. Our cuisine showcases healthy ingredients that are expertly to produce clean flavors and textures with a strong spirit at its core. Treat your taste buds at a truly unique, contemporary Indian cuisine at this elegant restaurant.


An Innovative Concept from 
Chef Sanjay Jaitly

With 30+ years of diversified experience in the Food & Hospitality Industry, Sanjay Jaitly has proven himself to be one of the most esteemed Chefs / Consultants in the industry.


His dedication to procuring the best techniques, systems, and resources is what keeps him so highly sought after by hotels and restaurants all over the world.

“Every plate is a masterpiece, fresh and flavorful”

RAD. Culinary Magazine



À La Carte Menu

At Yantra we believe in curating culinary masterpiece for one and all.

Yantra Bar

Drink up the Margaritas are just getting started.


There is something for everyone.

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